2017 Retreat Class Descriptions

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Class List by Type

Classes by Featured Teacher Debbie Coyle

Beginning Counted Cross Stitch
Beginning Inkle Weaving
Beginning Ribbon Braiding
Intermediate Inkle Weaving: Brocading and Pickup Work


Riotous Reds And Yowie Yellows !
Shibori Folds, Bands, and Clamps
Indigo!!!!!!! The amazing Elusive Blue
Dye Prep / Open Dyepots
Dyeing in a Jar
Ice Dyeing
RESISTANCE is Futile! Cold Resist Dyeing


Basic Card/Tablet Weaving
Weaving a Wall Hanging on a Hand Loom
Peyote stitch beaded ring
Fingerloop braiding
Reading Weaving patterns


Spinning on a Support Spindle
Spin AND Ply-on-the-Fly
Drop Spindling
Cable Plying for Spinners
Spinning Flax
Start Spinning on a Wheel
Tune up your Spinning Wheel, and your Spinning!


Bijeaux Tapestry Embroidery
Mini Cherokee Basket
Viking Wire Weaving
Rubber Stamp Carving
Chill with Coloring
Bead Stitch Markers
Needle Felting Animals
How to Use a Blending Board
Needle Tatting
Beginning Naalbinding
Knit a Tea Bag Holder
Sew a Project Bag
Sew a Grocery Bag
Crochet Popcorn Slippers