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Griffin Dyeworks & Fiber Arts
13300 Victory Blvd #311
Van Nuys, CA 91401


Phone: 818-308-5527

4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi there,

    I’m interested in learning about natural dyeing and attending upcoming workshops. I have a yarn company making yarn exclusively from California sheep and alpaca (see the Etsy store). Right now I am also interested in finding people who are willing to dye for me using natural dyes. I would pay by the skein and it would be in bulk — several lots of ten skeins. Do you have any contacts who would be interested in that? Thank you!

  2. Amerie Helton says:

    I let my indigo vat get up to about 135 degrees, over your suggested temp of 120. Have I ruined the vat? Or is there anything I can do to rescue it?


  3. ailurus says:

    Dear GD, do you have any “dye safety” information on “food safe” dyes? I want to stain wood that will be in contact with dry food over long periods. I really appreciated your detailed mordants information listing – an excellent resource, from which I have understood that the safest to use (re food contact) are actually only colour modifiers, i.e. milk, oil, salt, vinegar, lemon/lime juice or wine and don’t really have fixative properties in most cases.
    Many thanks

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