Changes in 2015

Griffin Dyeworks logo

As you may have heard, John & Bjo Trimble are taking a step back and have passed Griffin Dyeworks on to their longtime friend and assistant, Theresa Wollenstein (aka me)! I have been helping the Trimbles with Griffin Dyeworks for twelve (!) years at workshops as well as managing their online store.

If you’re wondering how these changes will affect things, rest assured, Bjo and John will be around! While I’ll be the one filling the orders and answering most of the emails, John will still man the Griffin Dyeworks sales booth at events, and Bjo will still teach and answer dye questions via email.

One of my goals is to help spread the word about Griffin Dyeworks and bring in some new faces. Look for advertising in your local yarn shops and online – and help us out by telling friends and guild mates about our Frolics and Retreat or book us to come and teach privately.

Bjo hopes to spend more time teaching and promoting the use of pigments via their new venture, Ancient Earth Pigments! Right now, Griffin Dyeworks is selling their merchandise, but soon they’ll have their own website. We hope you’ll continue to support us and all the artisans whose products we sell.

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