What the Retreat Means to Us

John and I started the Griffin Dyeworks Fiber Retreat because there was nothing else for small fiber groups in Southern California at that time. There were several Northern California conference and workshops, but not here. There were large conferences held around the state, but they were more formal and less hands-on. These many years later, Read More

Back to Blogging!

  After being distracted by Real Life and FaceBook for far too long, I’m attending to my own blog at last. Yeah, I know I’ve promised to do that before this. But I mean it this time. Really. Seriously. Honest. We’re gearing up for more dye workshops and fabric painting workshops in 2013. Plus adding Read More

Disneyland, Christmas, 2006 recap

DISNEY DAZE: We’ve been going to Disneyland on Christmas Eve day with friends for several years now. It’s a loosely organized day starting when the park opens, going until fireworks. We don’t meet at someone’s house and leave in a group because that’s like herding cats and nobody gets anywhere on time. We go to Read More

More Cons, Treehouses, and Games!

MountainCon II: John and I were invited to MountainCon II in Salt Lake City, where we were reunited with long-time fellow convention guests, Walter Koenig (Star Trek’s Chekov, Babylon 5’s Bester) and Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica), both of whom had lots to say about their current and future projects. This was a small fan-run convention Read More

Doctors, Ice Cream, and Space

FAVORITE SAYING FOR TODAY: “Disagree with anyone about anything, but just don’t be disagreeable about disagreeing.” Written January 19, 2007: Well today was medical for the Trimbles. Friday is John’s day off, so we got up at Ugly O’clock to drive clear across Los Angeles to the University of Southern California Dental School. I got Read More