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Frolic Class List!

Edit: We have the finalized list of classes on its own page!

Here’s the preliminary list of classes for the 2014 Fall Fiber Frolic!

We’ll be adding a few more in the next few days. As usual, there will be a spinning/fiber arts circle, open dyepots, and the Bjeaux Tapestry for embroidery!

Register today for first choice of classes!

Saturday 10 AM – 1PM

Socks, Two at a time on one circular needle by Amy Bingham

We will knit a baby sock (so you can learn all the sock techniques in one sitting). Learn how to cast on for two socks at one time on one circular needle. Cuff down. Or toe up. We’ll do heel flaps, heel turn and gussets, picking up stitches and how to close the toe with the kitchener stitch.

MATERIALS THE STUDENTS SHOULD BRING: Circular needle (size 1-3-check your yarn for suggested needle size) at least 32 inches long (make sure your cable is flexible-the old metal and plastic needles are not flexible), sock yarn, darning needle.

3 Hours Class Fee $0.00 Min / Max students: 3 / 10

Push That Creative Envelope! by Bjo Trimble

Cut, stamp, trim, paste, enhance – simple actions leading to freedom in designing for many applications. Use fabric, paper, threads, and fusible interlining to think outside the box. No sewing required! No experience required!

MATERIALS THE STUDENTS SHOULD BRING: cameras, questions, and NOT required, but feel free to bring UFOs (UNfinished Objects), including any single items you should have made more of, and any craft items you might wish to share.

2 Hours Class Fee $5.00 Min / Max students: no limit

Introduction to Card Weaving by Kimberly McDermott

This is an introduction to Card weaving. We will go over warping the loom and how to set up the cards to get the patterns you want and do some practice patterns on the bands. Students should bring their own looms and weaving supplies. If they do not own a loom, they can bring a set a of C-clamps and we will go over how to weave between two fixed points.

MATERIALS THE STUDENTS SHOULD BRING: Looms, or C-Clamps to weave between and cards.

2 Hours Class Fee $5.00 Min / Max students: 5 / 10

Beginning Knitting by Erin Reeves

Learn how to cast on and begin to knit your first project. Each student will learn different methods of casting on before starting to knit a scarf.

MATERIALS THE STUDENTS SHOULD BRING: Bring a skein of worsted or bulky weight yarn and knitting needles (straight or circular) for that size yarn. (You may want to purchase two skeins of the same dye lot to make sure you have enough for the size scarf you wish to make.)

2 Hours Class Fee $0.00 Min / Max students: 2 / 6

Saturday 1PM – 5PM

Modge Podge Christmas Ornaments by Amy Bingham

We’ll make some unique Ornaments using modge podge

MATERIALS THE STUDENTS SHOULD BRING: gloves (if you don’t want to peel glue off your hands), paper or fabric you’d like to use, old knitting magazines or patterns, old ornaments you’d like to cover. Anything you’d like to add to your ornaments. Apron or old shirt to wear

1 Hours Class Fee $5.00 Min / Max students: 2 / 10

Narrow ware: From inkle to 4 harness loom by Therese Calhoun

How to move your inkle designed bands from the inkle loom to a 4 harness loom and why would you want to.


3 Hours Class Fee $0.00 Min / Max students: 10

Drop Spindle: New, Returning and Relearning by Cat Ellen

Have you ever wanted to give spinning a try? Would your persona have known how to spin on a drop spindle? Have you tried it before and given up but are ready to try again? Have you spun a bit but are still confused or just want someone to help you improve? It’s time to spin! New, Returning, or Relearning students will be given hands-on spinning instruction with one of the oldest textile tools in existence: The Drop Spindle. And as a wise child once told me, “It’s called a DROP spindle. If you’re dropping it, you must be doing it right!” Don’t miss a chance to pick up this skill again, even if you dropped it before or never tried it at all. Everyone welcome.

MATERIALS THE STUDENTS SHOULD BRING: Drop Spindles and Wool. I will have some you can use

1 Hours Class Fee $0.00 Min / Max students: 5 – 10

Teatotteler Pocket Pouch by Andrea Butler

We will be knitting a tea bag pouch to hold a tea bag or other necessities in a bag or purse. Knowledge of knit and purl stitches. We will be casting on, increasing stitches, knitting stockinette stitch, garter stitch, buttonhole and short rows. Beginner, intermediate class.

MATERIALS THE STUDENTS SHOULD BRING: Drop Spindles and Wool. I will have some you can use

2 Hours Class Fee $3.00 Min / Max students: 1 – 10

Register today for first choice of classes!

March 2 Frolic Classes Posted!

Our class schedule is being finalized and sign ups will start soon!

Check out this Frolic’s offerings on our Frolic Classes page.

Remember, people who have already paid for the event get first choice of classes.

You can learn more about the Frolic on our dedicated Frolic webpage or visit our store to register & pay for the event!

Busy, busy month of May

May has been a VERY busy month.

I am working on a mud-dye and rust-dye tutorial for our upcoming Griffin Dyeworks Fiber Retreat and sewing on several projects.

We saw the Star Trek film at Paramount Studios thanks to Gene Roddenberry’s son, Rod. We saw it again the next week with friends in the Valley. We like it. Of course there are nits to pick: I don’t like Vulcan female garb – on a planet with a standard 140 degrees F temperature, it would be illogical to wear anything close-fitting or heavy. Any starship THAT close to a black hole would be toast. Stuff like that. But in general, it is a good nod to the original Trek while allowing them to go in a new direction. That is a Good Thing, really. The old Trek was too tired to be revived with any success. Love the young actors who played Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty and Uhura. Doohan would have liked this Scotty, I think.

The whole family participated in Minnie’s Midnight Madness, an unusual team-builder held every year at Disneyland. This is held after the park is closed to the public. We get into costume and give out clues to teams of Disney cast members (employees). The teams have paid to compete for some really nifty prizes. Outsiders are used for the clue-giving to lessen the chances of cheating. And some of them do cheat. We’ve been clue-givers for the past 5 years and enjoy it thoroughly.

This year we were a Robin Hood clue corner so we could wear our medieval garb. I handed out the stickers for the clue-gatherers envelopes that they have to hand in. John played King Richard, wearing Lora’s viscountess coronet. Lora and Kathryn were over in the 70s Disco Gong Show clue, which was so popular that people came back after they’d handed in their questionaires just to dance!

I made Lora widely flared bell-bottomed purple slacks for the game, and repaired a vintage lettuce green polyester leisure suit by adding rust-red fake suede cuffs and pockets for the game show host. Very funny.

We had several one-day and weekend SCA events to attend as well. In our capacity as Baron and Baroness of the Angels (greater LA area) we are expected to appear at these events. So it is lucky that we enjoy doing it. However, it does take up a good deal of our weekends if we let it.

Now we are getting ready for Potrero War (a large 4-day SCA event) where I will teach a dye class and a period pigments class where we make our own egg tempera. I thoroughly enjoy teaching crafts.

It is also important to bring Griffin Dyeworks & Fiber Arts to everyone’s attention so we can build up the business. When I teach dye workshops, I always have flyers to hand out. We’ve only recently introduced the pigments and a really nice period pigment kit for people who would like to try the art of illumination without spending a small fortune. Go visit our website and see!

After that, over the May 29-31 weekend, we will have our ever-wonderful Griffin Dyeworks Fiber Retreat in the Tehachapi Mountains above Castaic, and that’s the end of May! Whew!

As soon as I get a few minutes to sort myself out, I’ll post some photos, too.