Retreat Panorama

What the Retreat Means to Us

John and I started the Griffin Dyeworks Fiber Retreat because there was nothing else for small fiber groups in Southern California at that time. There were several Northern California conference and workshops, but not here. There were large conferences held around the state, but they were more formal and less hands-on. These many years later, Read More


Retreat Wrap Up

Our ninth retreat was two weekends ago, and I’m sure you’re all in the same boat as me – still processing everything you learned, uploading (and tagging!) photos, and maybe unpacking. Bjo put it best when she wrote on our email list: Wow! Our 9th Fiber Retreat was absolutely fabulous! It was very high energy, Read More

Caring for Naturally Dyed Fibers

Caring for your dyed fiber: 1. Rinse. 2. Wash in GDW Fiber Wash/Orvus, dishwashing liquid (without bleach or perfumes), or similar gentle product (NOT detergent) in tepid water. Work fiber, especially wool, 20 minutes to remove unattached dye & chemicals. 3. Final rinse: Rinse until water runs clear & soap is removed. 4. Neutralize: When Read More