2018 Retreat Classes

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Featured Classes by Melinda Sherbring
Plaited Braid Stitch
Blackwork History & Flecked Flower Project
Fingerloop Braiding

Variations on the Vat
Ice Dyeing
Indigo Dyeing
Growing Dye Plants
Botanical Printing
Dust Dyeing
Shibori Resists with straps, bands, and clamps
Secrets of Cochineal
Full Spectrum Natural Dyeing

Drop Spindle Tune-Up
Sampling Wool Breeds And Types
Spinning Angora
Mayan Spindling
Spinning Wheel Tune Up & Plying on the Wheel
Choosing, Skirting, and Cleaning a Fleece
Combing and Carding, the ABCs of Fiber Prep

Double Weave Bag/Pouch
Viking Wire Weaving
Weaving on a drinking straw loom!
Beginning Inkle Weaving
Rigid Heddle Basics
Beginning Tablet Weaving

Intro to Boro and Sashiko
Make a Stuffed Biscornu Pin Cushion
Cross Stitch a Necklace Pendant
Embroider the Bjeaux Tapestry
Intro to Embroidery

Put a Bead on It
Make a Beaded Kumihimo Bracelet or Anklet
Peyote Stitch Beaded Ring
Daisy Chain Beaded Bracelet
Spinning with Beads
Using a Lucet, cords with beads
Basic Beaded Fiber Arts Accessories

Fabulous FreeForm Crochet Shawls
Slow Dance Movement for Crafters
Fun with duct tape
Tab-Start for a Triangle Shawl (knitting)
Making a Monkey’s Fist Knot (knots)
Needle Felting Flowers
Soap Stones (wet felting)
Group Project: Crochet Blanket for Charity (knit/crochet)
Tunisian Crochet
Using a Lathe to Turn Wood