Weld, 2oz


Weld Shavings, 2oz

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WELD (Reseda luteola): lowering Eurasian grass, Leaves are most intense, but the whole plant (not roots) contains dye, best on wool, good on other fibers. It grows in several US states, though it was historically not used as much here as quercitron. Dye chemical: luteolin.

HISTORY: A yellow dye use since the 1st millennium BC, the most common yellow dye in England before synthetic colors. Hebrew and Persian dyers used it. Romans dyed Vestal Virgin and wedding clothing with it. Medieval illuminators used it as a pigment. Anatolian Reseda was considered the best.

Amount: 2oz

ALSO KNOWN AS: Bastard rocket, dyer’s broom, dyer’s mignonette, dyer’s rocket, dyer’s weed, pastel sauvage, wild mignonette, yellow weed, mahabbet chichegi, muhabbetcicegi, thail ath thikh, [OE] welde, woald, wold, would, wouw, [Scot] wald, [OFr] gaude, [Irish] buidhe mor (great yellow), [Sp] gualda, [Per] esparak, [Wel] cynflon titw, y felengu, [Scan] wau, vau, wouw [Ger]

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