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Soda Ash for Scouring Fiber, Natural Dye Preparation

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SODA ASH: Na2CO3.10H2O (Anhydrous sodium carbonate) is an odorless white alkaline powder with a pH of 11.6 in solution. It is found naturally in some mineral-laden lakes, but is also obtained from kelp ashes and algae. It has been in use since very ancient times, but was isolated and named around 1558 AD. Soda ash helps scour wool or cellulose fiber, being 2½ times stronger in pure form than washing soda. It is used with thiourea dioxide to remove synthetic dye colors from fiber.

Amount: 4 oz container

For washing, use ½ – 1 tsp soda ash to 1 gal cool water (adding soda ash to warm water can cause foaming), then add warm or hot water as needed. Don’t use a machine dryer because the dry heat will deteriorate fi­ber with even a trace of soda ash in it. This chemical can irritate the skin and eyes and has potential for severe burns if not treated immediately; some people have reported allergic reactions. Neutralize it with vinegar to pour down the toilet for disposal.

AKA: anhydrous sodium carbonate, crystal carbonate, hydrated sodium carbonate, mineral alkali, MX procion dye activator, nevite, sal soda, soda, sodium carbonate decahydrate, soda crystals, washing soda, salt of soda, trona, zoza, [Egypt] natron, [ME] sodo, solidus, sociac, [Navajo] tsédokqj.

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