Tesu Flower Extract, 2oz


Tesu Flower Extract, 2oz

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TESU FLOWER EXTRACT (Butea monosperma, b.frondosa): Native of Asia, India and Burma, this fugitive yellow dye is extracted from the flower of this useful plant. Leaves are used as platters and cups, young shoots and root bark for cordage and caulking boats; seeds yield 18% fatty oil, wood pulp is used for newsprint manufacture. The resin is called butea gum, Bengal kino or Bengal gum.

AKA: bastard teak, dhak, flame- of-the-forest, palash, palaash, Kan-bharma vriksha, muttala, palasa, paras, desuka jhad, kakria, kankria, kutch-hakar, chiula, purohapalas, kinshukam, mukkappuyam, mariku, palasi, palasinjamata, puppalasi, shamata; ori-kinjuko, santhal-murup and a variety of region names. [India]

Amount: 2oz

Alum mordant: toasty caramel-gold with a slight greenish base
Copper mordant: light terracotta red
Iron mordant: brownish-golden-olive
Tin mordant: bright yellow.

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