Hibiscus Flower, 2oz


Hibiscus Flower, 2oz

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HIBISCUS FLOWER (Hibiscus), 2oz: Showy flowering bush favored in its native Africa, Asia, Australia, India, Hawaii and both Americas. Dried dark red blossoms were used by African dyers c. 900 BC; no record on how early it was used as a Navajo dye. Light-fast on wool and silk; fades on cotton. Best color with solar dyeing and acid, as heat can kill the lovely pinks. Easy dye for children to use.


AKA: Mallow rose, giant mallow. [Egypt]

Amount: 2oz


Alum mordant: clear pink
Copper mordant: dusty pink
Iron mordant: brownish-pink
Tin mordant: deep pink

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Weight .125 lbs