Orvus WA Fiber Wash, 4oz


Orvus WA Fiber Wash, 4oz

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Orvus® WA Paste (4 oz) – Concentrated emulsifier, wetting, and dispersing agent, non-phosphate anionic neutral pH surfactant fiber wash that is effective in a wide range of cleaning tasks because it is soluble in hot or cold water.

FIBER USE: Textile conservationists use it for vintage quilts and antique fabrics because it will not harm natural dyes or destroy old fiber. Add approximately 1 scant teaspoon of well-dissolved Orvus to 1 gallon of water. If fiber is very dirty or greasy, use more Orvus. Wash and rinse fiber several times to remove all residue. Orvus can be used in washing machines, too.

INGREDIENTS: Orvus WA® consists of water, sodium lauryl sulfate, and lauryl alcohol, sodium sulfate. It is transparent semi-liquid gel in warm conditions, but becomes solid white when cold. It is usable in any state: just use an old spoon to dig out the solid. If the solid does not want to dissolve, use a whisk to break it up.

SAFETY: Orvus is not considered ‘hazardous’ within the meaning of the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard. It is safe for general use and is not irritating to most skins: there are no reports of medical conditions aggravated by exposure, but in case of irritation, discontinue use and apply cold compress to skin. In case of eye contact, flush gently but thoroughly with clear water. If irritation persists, see a physician. If Orvus is swallowed, drink a glass of water or milk to dilute it; it can be an emetic. Though Orvus is used to shampoo animals, it is too alkaline for human shampoo.

STORAGE: It is safe to store Orvus in the garage or basement. Store well below 140°F and maintain pH above 7.0 to prevent decomposition.

DISPOSAL: Orvus is biodegradable so flush any excess down the sewer. Otherwise, disposal is to be performed in compliance with all local regulations.

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