Marigold Flowers (Tagetes Erecta), 2oz


Marigold, Aztec, 2oz

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Marigold Flowers: (Tagetes Erecta):  A type of marigold.

Calendula officinalis is also a dye flower. It is a herbaceous spicy-scented flowering plant in the daisy family, native to the Mediterranean, Mid-East and Macronesia. Flowers are considered edible. Calendula extract is added to chicken feed for darker egg yolks; seed oil is used for making soaps. Parts of the plant is still used medicinally in some areas of the world.

Amount: 2oz

HISTORY: In the ancient world, ‘marigold’ is thought to refer to the Virgin Mary; ‘calendula’ is from the Latin, kalendae, because the flowers are thought to bloom on the first of each month. Calendula is also helps women select a good husband, and allows people to see fairies (sorry, recipes not included).

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