Cutch, 2oz


Cutch, 2oz

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CUTCH (Acacia catechu), 2oz: Brown crystalline resin distilled and powdered from acacia tree heartwood found worldwide. An important historical brown dye, used 900 BC in Africa, c.1500 AD in Europe.

Dye chemicals: catechu, tannin, quercitin. Light-fast and wash-fast. High in tannin, best on cellulose fibers (cotton, linen), wool and silk. Use as an over-dye for richer colors, especially with indigo for interesting dark grayed greens or mixed with logwood for a beautiful black on silk. Cutch was used as a colorant for medieval illuminations. Best color after 2 hour simmer with pinch of tara powder.

Scots and Welsh dyers referred to a lichen dye as ‘cutch’ and Irish dyers mixed mimosa, acacia, and iron for a ‘cutch’ dye.

AKA: Acacia catechu, Irish, gum catechu, kat, khair, kutch, Bombay or Bengal catechu, black cutch Irish, cashoo, cat-claw, cat-thorn (A. gregii), arica catechu, babul (A. nilotica), gum-Arabic tree (A. nilotica, A. senegal). pegu (cutch extract), thorn-point, [Gael] cacho, [Fr] cachou, [Ger]: das katechu, [Thai]: si said, [Sp] espino, huisache, huizachi, (A. farnesiana), silver wattle, [Hawaiian]: koa, Hawaiian mahogany (A. koa); [Paiute]: chuarem; [Moab Paiute]: pah oh pimb, bi-joarem, [Malay] kacu, [Ind] kattha. [India]


Alum mordant: good permanent warm brown
Copper mordant: medium brown
Iron mordant: dark brown
Tin mordant: light rust-to-golden brown

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