Madder Root Dye Kit


Dye with Madder Root (Rubia Tinctoria)

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Everything you need to dye 5-10lb of fiber with madder root pieces (Rubia tinctoria).

We recommend  Alum as a basic mordant for all fibers; alum-tannin-alum mordanting is recommended for plant fibers.

Also needed: Orvus WA or gentle dish soap, vinegar.

RED: Madder + alum + tartaric acid
GOOD RED: Madder + lime or acetic acid + calcium carbonate
DARK PINK to LIGHT RED: Madder + alum
MEDIUM ORANGE: Madder + pinch of tin + tartaric acid
PURPLISH-RED on wood, ORANGE to RED on silk: Madder + pinch of tin
MEDIUM to GOLDEN BROWN: Madder + copper
DARK RED-BROWN: Madder + pinch or 2 of iron

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