Retreat Classes 2015


2015 Retreat Class Schedule

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Hapazome by Kristin Amber Morrison
Dye Prep by Ercil Howard-Wroth
Shibori – Folds, bands, and clamps  by Ercil Howard-Wroth
Indigo.. Twist, Tie, Dye by Ercil Howard-Wroth
Reds, Yellows, Purples — An exploration of color and Other Options by Ercil Howard – Wroth
Twist, Ties & Dyes — Tie Dye & Shibori Techniques by Ercil Howard Wroth
Open Dyeing
Galaxy Ice Dyeing by Theresa Wollenstein
Paint Your Roving  by Therese Calhoun
Color Mixing Breakdown by Jen Foti


Spinning Circle
Beginning Drop Spindle by Cat Ellen
Spinning Angora by Chris Godfrey
Spinning Flax (and other bast fibers) by Cat Ellen
Spin from a Square Silk Hankie by Jen Foti


Reuseable Shopping Tote by Andrea Butler
Make a Rope Basket by Amy Bingham

Knitting / Crochet

Knitting with Beads by Debbie Coyle
Amazing Double Knitting by Andrea Butler
Beginning Lace Knitting  By Amy Bingham
Learn to Crochet a Potholder by Jennifer Nelson Kemp
Popcorn Stitch Crochet Slippers by Andrea Butler
Tunisian Crochet by Jennifer Tan


Bead Weaving: Triangles and Cartwheels by Debbie Coyle
Bead Weaving: Strands and Flowers by Debbie Coyle


Weave a Melon Basket by Melise Gerber
Basic Card/Tablet Weaving (Level 1) by Roberta Brubaker
Charts and Tablet Weaving by Cat Ellen
Words and Graphics Double-faced Card/Tablet Weaving (Level 2) by Roberta Brubaker
3/1 Twill Hallstatt Card/Tablet Weaving (Level 3) by Roberta Brubaker
Weaving a Pouch in the Round by Barb Klessig
Handwoven Scarves From Designer Yarns – An Overview by Esther Benedict
Handwoven Scarves From Designer Yarns – Getting Started by Esther Benedict

Other Arts

Glass Pebble Bowl by Roberta Brubaker
Making Cold Process Soap by Amy Bingham
Wet-on-Wet Watercolor Painting by Rick Tan
Coloring for Big People & Draw Your Own Mandala by Jen Foti

Other Fiber Arts

Bjeaux Tapestry Embroidery
Block Printing Fabric with Earth Pigments by Bjo Trimble
Cordmaking on the Lucet by Debbie Coyle
Needle Felt Sheep by Hillary Godfrey
Needle Felt Fairytale Scene by Jennifer Tan
Nature Printing on Fabric by Lauri Mraz


Friday Night: Andean Textile Arts
Saturday Night: Textiles, tools, and artifacts from Hallstatt and Vienna from Austria by Barb Klessig
Movie Viewing: Blue Alchemy: The Story of Indigo