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Retreat Classes 2015

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This is a preview of classes to be offered at the retreat! Final schedule and descriptions will be available soon.


Information on angora rabbits, choosing the fiber, and hands on help spinning and blending angora . If possible we’ll have a rabbit at the retreat!

Amazing Double Knitting

We will be doing double knitting. Using two contrasting yarns at the same time to make a pot holder or a coaster. You need to know how to cast on, knit, purl, and bind off.

Weaving a Pouch in the Round

Take a piece of plywood, some yarn and you too can weave a one piece pouch/bag. In this class, participants will learn how to warp up a plywood loom and weave a pouch in a continuous weave, with ideas on how to personalize you pouch.

Textiles, tools, and artifacts from Hallstatt and Vienna

This slide presentation is the latest in a series of presentations that Seelie/Barb has done in the past highlighting artifacts from museums and sites she has visited as a textile archaeologist. This presentation highlights the Hallstatt and Vienna Museums showing textiles, tools and artifacts of pre-historic textiles.

Reuseable Shopping Tote

How many of you have to use reuseable shopping bags in your neighborhood stores? This is your opportunity to sew your own bags. You will need to have a basic knowledge of sewing using a machine, although these can be hand sewn, machine sewing is somewhat faster.

Popcorn Stitch Crochet Slippers

We will be making slippers to keep our feet warm. We will be using basic crochet skills. Single sts, slip st, popcorn stitch, crochet thru the back loop. These are more of a boot like slipper with a bottom and top that will be crocheted together.

Bead Weaving: Triangles and Cartwheels
Bead Weaving: Strands and Flowers

Learn how to make beaded strands that can be used for trim, necklaces, bracelets, circlets, earrings, and more! No experience at anything necessary (although being able to thread a needle would help)!

2 Color Cordmaking on the Lucet
Cordmaking on the Lucet

Learn a fun and simple 2 color cordmaking technique using the lucet (a two pronged “fork”). Lucet made cord  is an alternative to icord and crochet chains. The cord can be make from any yarn and can be used for trim, drawstrings, shoelaces, and other cord uses. No experience anything is required.

Galaxy Ice Dyeing

Learn to use ice and powdered dyes to recreate your favorite galactic scenes on an infinity scarf, t shirt, or fabric of your choice!

Indigo Printing on Fabric

Using fabric printing blocks and indigo as a pigment, create printed patterns on fabric.

Natural Dyeing

All day for two days!

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This is a preview of classes to be offered at the retreat! Final schedule and descriptions will be available soon

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