Understanding Mordants and Modifiers

Did you know Bjo Trimble’s book, Understanding Mordants & Modifiers, is available online, for free?

Screenshot of a UMM page

For each of about 50 different minerals salts and chemicals, we provide:

  • Common Name
  • Chemical Formula
  • Description/History
  • Other Names
  • Use
  • Best On which fiber types
  • Recipes
  • Safety information
  • Disposal guidelines (always follow local ordinances)
  • Alternatives (for when you run out!)
  • Sources (not just us!)

Plus, there’s some great general information, such has how to use the knotted strings pictured below to experiment with different mordants!

Five strands of string, all knotted together, each with a different number of knots on the string to differentiate them.

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