Octagonal Cardboard Form for Fill-the-Gap Cord-Making


Fill the Gap Form (Cardboard)

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OCTAGONAL CARDBOARD FILL-THE-GAP FORM: Plain little octagonal-shaped cardboard forms can be carried in purse, pocket or crafts basket to make Fill-the-Gap and similar braids. When the form inevitably wears out, get another cardboard replacement or try a longer-lasting octagonal foam form. Fill-the-Gap braiding instructions included. Thread not included.

FILL-THE-GAP: All you need to know is how to count to three, so it is the easiest braided cord for small children or beginner cord-makers to learn. This simple but effective octagonal braiding technique is also called Viking 7-strand plaiting, dating back to at least 900 AD. It was originally used for straw plaiting but the adaptation to kumihimo cards gives you the most fun variation ever! Even small children can produce colorful cord in no time!

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