Medieval Embroidery with Period Stitch Instructions


Medieval Embroidery

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MEDIEVAL EMBROIDERY with Period Stitch Instructions by Baroness Ealasaid nic Suibhne (Mary Jenkins)

This little book is the end result of carefully researched historical embroidery, with photographed examples and detailed instructions. Each section is divided by centuries, showing examples of extant works, favorite themes of the times, the stitches used, threads and dye colors that were favored during each era, plus what was used as the embroidery fabric or background.

The book addresses 4th to 6th century Coptic and Byzantine, 6th to 7th C. Frankish, 10th to 11th C. general stitches, 11th to 12th C. Opus Anglicanum Romanesque, 13th to 14th C. Opus Anglilcanum Gothic, 15th C. Or Nue and Assisi (Italian work), 16th C. blackwork and Assisi (Italian work reserva).

There are also suggestions on how to adapt ancient designs into modern uses and where online to find the embroidery discussed. Lavishly illustrated by the author, plus additional art by Bjo Trimble and embroidery graphs by Jennifer Tom. This highly informative book ends with a book list and other resources for further research.

Glossy color front and back cover, 5” x 8” size, 52 pages, published by Mathom House Press.