Indigo Crystal Dye Kit


A dye kit for indigo crystals to createa blue dye pot. Depending on the color requirements, this kit is enough to dye 5-10lb of fiber.

1 x Indigo Crystals, 2oz

Indigo Crystals, 2oz. Freeze-dried indigo crystals are extracted and pre-fermented for nearly instant indigo dye. Also used in making indigo ink.

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1 x Alum, 4oz

Alum, 4oz

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1 x Thiox, 4oz

Thiox Mordant, Color Stripper & Discharge Agent

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1 x Soda Ash, 4oz

Soda Ash for Scouring Fiber, Natural Dye Preparation

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This kit contains everything you need to dye with indigo crystals (aka pre-reduced or synthetic indigo). Alum is included as a mordant for wool or silk; mordanting is not required for cotton and bast fibers.


2oz Indigo Crystals
4oz Alum (Potassium aluminum sulfate)
4oz Soda Ash (Sodium carbonate)
4oz Thiox (Thiourea dioxide)


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