Indigo Crystal Dye Kit


A dye kit for indigo crystals to createa blue dye pot. Depending on the color requirements, this kit is enough to dye 5-10lb of fiber.

1 x Indigo Crystals, 2oz

Indigo Crystals, 2oz. Freeze-dried indigo crystals are extracted and pre-fermented for nearly instant indigo dye. Also used in making indigo ink.

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1 x Alum, 4oz

Alum, 4oz

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1 x Thiox, 4oz

Thiox Mordant, Color Stripper & Discharge Agent

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1 x Soda Ash, 4oz

Soda Ash for Scouring Fiber, Natural Dye Preparation

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1 x Glauber's Salt, 2oz

Glauber's Salt, 2oz

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1 x Chalk (Calcium Carbonate), 1oz

Chalk (Calcium Carbonate), 1oz

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This kit contains everything you need to dye with indigo crystals (aka pre-reduced or synthetic indigo). Alum is included as a mordant for wool or silk; mordanting is not required for cotton and bast fibers.


2oz Indigo Crystals
4oz Alum (Potassium aluminum sulfate)
4oz Soda Ash (Sodium carbonate)
4oz Thiox (Thiourea dioxide)
2oz Glauber’s Salt (Sodium sulfate)
1oz Chalk (Calcium carbonate)

Dust Mask
Nitril Gloves

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