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HOKETT HAND LOOM: Original design by Jim Hokett, this unique little loom is shaped like a capital “I” so it can be held with one hand and you can weave with the other hand without interference. These are excellent for tapestry weaving, testing designs and patterns before warping a larger loom, or just carrying around. Hokett has retired from loom-making and stock on hand is ALL that’s available!

Warp by wrapping around back of slot tooth – not continuous warped. Instructions available.

Actual size (weaving area is smaller):
Intermediate – 9″ x 10″ (almost a piece of paper)
— Intermediate available in 8epi only

NOTE: We choose the wood unless you contact us to tell us what you want. Shown here warped for use with needle stick and tiny beater (sold separately).

RETURNS/EXCHANGES: These are handmade and imperfections are part of their charm. No returns or exchanges for manufacturing faults such as not being completely square, or teeth breaking after 30 days from delivery. 8epi looms warped too tightly might experience some teeth breaking; this is due to invisible faults in the wood. These can often be repaired or worked around, but if it’s within 30 days from original delivery I will replace your loom if you pay return shipping to me and for shipping the new loom to you.