Hokett Boat Shuttles, 12”

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BOAT SHUTTLES (10”, 12″, 15″, & 16″ double): Handmade by Jim Hokett of Hokett Would Work. Designed around Schacht bobbins, though some others can be used. Shaft supporting the bobbin is 3/16″ brass or copper and tensioned by a recessed spring. Full bobbin length-width thread slots. Domestic & exotic hardwoods. True boat shaped.

$23.00 and up depending on size and wood used. 

The 10” shuttle uses a 4” Schacht bobbin; 12” shuttle uses a 5” Schacht bobbin; 15” a 6” Schacht bobbin; and the double 16” two 4” Schacht bobbins.

Some of these shuttles have been used by Jim’s wife, Cat of Cat Brysch Studios, before her retirement and are not signed or marked by Jim Hokett.

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Weight 1 lbs
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12” Damaged, 12” Satinwood, 12” Azalia Burl, 12” Cherry, 12” Iowa Walnut, 12” Curly Narra, 12” Kingwood, 12” Holly, 12” Asia Wedge, 12” Olive, 12” Unknown Woods, 12” Spalted Maple, 12” Maple Burl, 12” Black and White Ebony, 12” Black Ebony, 12” Pink Ivory