About Us

Griffin Dyeworks & Fiber Arts was founded in 2002 with the idea that the knowledge of using natural dyes should be shared freely! We strive to bring you the best quality ingredients at a fair market price (which isn’t easy, when wars and trade embargoes can affect things), and we promise to always do our best to answer your questions on dye use and history.

We’re working hard behind the scenes on instructions for every single dye we sell – all of which will be posted for free on our website, for everyone to use. We hope that the dissemination of this information and decades of experience using natural dyes will keep this art from dying out.

In 2015, the original owners, John & Bjo Trimble, passed the business on to their longtime partner and dye apprentice, Theresa Wollenstein.


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  1. John Pitblado says:

    I am unable to attend the festival this weekend but I have a couple of tools I would like to donate to the stash table. I am in west Hollywood is some one is in my are, I’d be glad to donate.

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