Black Walnut Wood Shavings, 2oz


Walnut Wood Shavings, 2oz

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Black Walnut (Juglans nigra): Hardwood tree favored for its wood, nuts and oil. Used by Greek dyers around 50 BC and down through the ages as a cottage dye mainstay for good browns.

Wood shavings are easy to use and give good strong color. The thick green hulls or husks that grow around the nut are strong in brown dye color, as any nut-picker can show by their brown-dyed hands!

Good on any fiber, best on cotton. Very light-fast and wash-fast. Great over-dye for deeper colors; iron mordant, indigo and walnut hulls give black; iron mordant, logwood, and walnut hulls give purple-black. The extract is a bit greener in tone; a good color to use for hand-painting fabric and to make your own pigments. [USA]

Amount: 2oz

Alum mordant: earthy tans to good medium browns
Copper mordant: drab brown
Iron mordant: deep brown
Tin mordant: rich brown

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