Annatto, 2oz


Annatto, 2oz

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ANNATTO (Bixa orellana): Asian, African, Central American and Caribbean tropical plant.

Dye chemical: bixin, found in the seed glands that provide a bright golden yellow dyestuff used as a food coloring and cosmetics centuries before Europeans arrived in the New World. Amazonian natives use a paste of annatto and grease for brilliant red body paint.

Good color on wool, silk, lighter colors on linen and cotton, not very light-fast. Alkali brings out best colors, alcohol helps stabilize color results.

AKA: Achiote, anato, annato, arnatto, bixa, bixi, bixin, bixina, flag annato, lipstick tree, nankeen, orlean, otter; Spanish annato, urucu, [OE] anatto, annotto, arnotto, annattotree, [Thai] khamsaed, [Fr] rocou, roucou, [Sp] achiote, [Aztec] achiotl, [Ind] sinduria. [Mexico]

Amount: 2oz


Alum mordant with oxalic acid or tartaric acid: golden yellow
Copper mordant: yellow ochre
Iron mordant: brown
Tin mordant: orange

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