Henna, 2oz


Henna, 2oz

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HENNA (Lawsonia inermis, L. alba): Fragrant Eurasian, Australian & African privet shrub, leaves, bark, and root contain hennotannic acid.


Ground henna was mixed with indigo in 3200 BC Egypt to color hair a rich black, often mixed with indigo leaves for a very dark blue dye. Needs 5.5 pH to obtain a permanent dye. Middle Easterners and SE Asians mix henna powder with oils and scents to paint intricate temporary tattoo-like designs on the body. Henna was also used as a leather dye, a dye for beards, fingernail & tooth coloring, dyeing horse hooves and manes. Ground henna gives reddish-brown tones while henna extract is a more green tone.


AKA: Mignonette tree, Egyptian privet, [Heb] camphire, [Gr] cypress of Egypt, [Sansk] madayantika, [Hind] mehndi, [Thai] thian king, [W. Ind] Jamaica mignonette.


Amount: 2oz

Alum mordant: (ground) medium reddish-brown, (extract) pale yellowish green
Copper mordant: (ground) drab brown, (extract) medium olive green
Iron mordant: (ground) dark gray, (extract) dark greenish gray
Tin mordant: (ground) orangish-red, (extract) deep olive green
Tartaric acid: (ground) stronger red

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